Dare Ecosystem Consulting, LLC (DEC) is an ecological services company based in Southeastern WI.

About Us

Our focus is conservation management and consulting for clients working with natural resources in Wisconsin and surrounding states. DEC, LLC has years of experience managing natural areas in Wisconsin. Our experience with Threatened and Endangered species in the Midwest guides many of our management recommendations and project focus. We specialize in natural area consultation ecological restoration, invasive species control, and rare animal and plant monitoring.

Our Services

We conduct and develop ecological assessment and restoration plans and manage all aspects of the project’s implementation. Our 20 years plus experience comes from working with threatened and endangered species and managing numerous nature preserves and privately owned lands.  We pride ourselves on being experienced, economical, and most of all pragmatic. When it comes to doing the necessary on the ground work for projects, knowledge and time in the field really matters. Time spent managing land and working in the water or land daily gives us the expertise to be adaptable and the know how to prioritize. Whether it’s ecological restoration, wildlife monitoring, ecological assessments, or conservation plan development, we have the experience to help you accomplish your conservation goals.